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A little bit about who I am and what I've done, including my books and links to audio talks.
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The bulk of this site is devoted to providing trustworthy paranormal information.
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This section has links to some audio talks and video clips about the paranormal.


The field of parapsychology is a limited one. It only includes the study of ESP, mind-matter interaction (once called psychokinesis and abbreviated MMI) and whether we are capable of surviving the death of the body. Some of us (myself included) suspect that ESP and MMI are, in fact, the same thing by two names. However, the official jury is still out on that controversy. I encourage everyone to do two things. First, always approach the paranormal with a bit of skepticism. Just because the paranormal is real (in my opinion), it doesn't mean that's what's happening in a given experience. Always consider other options, because the truth is often a mix. Second, if you are having psychic experiences, work with a licensed therapist. Unconscious issues will invariably color any info from ESP.

Paranormal Basics

When parapsychologists get together, one of the topics that we always groan over is the frustrating amount of misinformation on the internet about the paranormal. Wikipedia is particularly untrustworthy. Handbook to the Afterlife was written in part to answer questions I heard at ghost hunter conventions while Mind-Matter Interaction summarizes most of the MMI theory and research up to 2009 in one place. However, books aren't for everyone and I don't have the time to answer individual emails. This site is my answer for a trustworthy place to go. You'll find a wide variety of audio talks, slideshows, video clips and FAQs meant to answer the kind of questions that I hear the most often. Everything is free to browse and download, though I ask that you not reuse anything without my permission. Enjoy.



March 29, 2023
I just uploaded a video recreating my talk on the possible involvement of MMI in Place Memory to my Rumble parapsychology channel. You can see it here.


Who I Am

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My background includes a combination of art, psychology, medicine, and parapsychology, with doctorate degrees in the latter two. I think of myself as something of a bridge between the scientists and experiencers, having intuitive abilities as well as formal training in parapsychology. This lets me see both sides of the issue, and gives me a different viewpoint than that of many of my colleagues. I have decades of experience investigating hauntings and shifting ghosts on from homes, riding stables, arenas, stores, hospitals, hotels, theatres, parks, restaurants, ships, and tourist attractions. If you want more information about me and what I've done, check out my extended resume here.