Roadmap to the Afterlife
This is a slideshow of a talk I gave in southern California in March 2011. It is drawn from my book, Handbook to the Afterlife. I regret that no audio is available for this talk.
The Power of Mental Intention
This is the slideshow that I used in my talk at the Rhine Institute in Durham, North Carolina in October 2010. The title of it was "The Power of Mental Intention: From Miracles and Poltergesits to the Lab." The cartoons used are my own, which I drew just for this talk. A handout of the slides is also available as a PDF download and you can watch the question and answer session that followed my talk here.
The Implications of Nonlocality
This is the keynote address slideshow presented at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference on June 9, 2011. You can also watch it as a video here. It is theorectical piece trying to introduce new concepts drawn from parapsychological research that could have huge implications on how existence (and our personal reality) operates.
The USS Hornet Ship of Spirits: 2011
This is my slideshow for the talk I gave on October 29, 2011 for the USS Hornet Ship of Spirits annual event. You can also watch first half of the talk here.
The USS Hornet Ship of Spirits: 2012
This is my slideshow for the talk I gave on the USS Hornet on October 26, 2012 for the annual Ship of Spirits event. It is a different talk than the one I gave the year before, focusing more on the history of the ship and how the paranormal activity has changed over the years. You can also listen to it as an MP3 file here.
Table Tipping
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