Video Clips

The following are some video clips from TV shows, recorded lectures, my mini-podcasts  and other sources.
Video  Dead Famous: Al Capone and the Mob
This was my first of two appearances on the British show Dead Famous with Gail Porter and Chris Fleming. We spent 12 hours on a very cold January 2004 night at Alcatraz (there's no heat on the island, which is why you see me bundled up). It first aired in the U.K. on Living TV June 15, 2004. You can see the full episode here or watch a small, edited version using the "play video" button.

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Video  CBS Evening Magazine
I appeared on CBS Evening Magazine, as a psychic, working with Loyd Auerbach to investigate the Pelican Inn, just north of San Francisco. The segment originally aired on February 15, 2005.

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Video Mediums: We See Dead People
I showed up briefly on the special Mediums: We See Dead People speaking about the haunted U.S.S. Hornet, which is now a museum ship (and still haunted). It was filmed in May 2005 and first aired on the A & E channel on October 14, 2005.

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Video Dead Famous: Rita Hayworth
I filmed with the cast and crew of Dead Famous during their third season at the haunted downtown Palace Theatre in L.A. for their "Rita Hayworth" episode. Although I was there filming for about 5 hours, I only appeared briefly in the last few minutes of the episode. You can see the full episode here or watch my edited clip below.

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Video Boo From the Bay
I was on KGO (a San Francisco ABC affiliate) with Loyd Auerbach on View from the Bay. It aired on October 31, 2006. The first half of the show was recorded the week before, and the second half was live.

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Video Supernatural Investigator
I appeared uncredited as Lyn Buchanan's monitor in a documentary on Controlled Remote Viewing. It first aired on VisionTV in Canada on Mary 17, 2009.

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Video Star Rover
I was interviewed about my art by Glenda Barbera on a local cable channel. It aired on July 22, 2009.

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Video Ghost Lab: Smell of Fear
I was interviewed as a parapsychologist about place memory. The episode aired on October 20, 2009.

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Video Ghost Stories: The USS Hornet
I was interviewed as a parapsychologist about the ghosts of the USS Hornet. It aired on June 25, 2010. I was really happy that they listened to me about what made the Hornet so unique as a haunted place and included that in their ending. You can watch the full episode here or my edited clip below.
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Video Paranormal Challenge: Waverly Hills
I was one of the guest judges on the short-lived show Paranormal Challenge. It first aired on July 22, 2011. This is currently available here.
Video Paranormal Challenge: La Purisima Mission
I was one of the guest judges. This episode was drastically edited before it was shown to remove some of the inappropriate and controversial behavior of some of the contestants during filming. The result makes my harshness seem out of place, but numberous crew members and others who were watching the filming came up after the shoot to thank me for expressing what they also felt. Had that behaviour not been removed half or more of the viewers would have been up in arms and furious at what one team was doing. The final version aired on August 19, 2011 and can be seen here.
Video The Power of Mental Intention: From Poltergeists to the Lab.
The topic was a review of mind-matter interaction through the ages, from the earliest reports of rock-throwing poltergeists to the modern day. The cartoons are mine, drawn just to liven up the talk. You can watch it here. The slideshow is available separately here.
Video The Power of Mental Intention Q & A
This is the 35 minute question and answer segment I gave following my Power of Mental Intention talk at the Rhine Institue in Durham, North Carolina on October 29, 2010. It can be seen here.
Video The Implications of Nonlocality
I was invited to give the keynote speech for the Society for Scientific Exploration meeting on June 9, 2011. I talk here about the implications of nonlocality. You can watch it as a video here or view the slideshow here.
Video The USS Hornet Ship of Spirits: 2011
This is a partial video of the talk I gave for the USS Hornet on October 28, 2011. You can see it here. It is also available as a slideshow here. FYI: The sound is very soft until they get the microphone working several minutes in.
Video Table Tipping
This is a half hour talk I gave on table-tipping February 2, 2013 on the USS Hornet at Paracon 2013. The original video was crooked and cut off the top of the slides, so I have overlaid high quality copies of the slides for most of it. You can watch it here.
Video Transitions
This is a mini-podcast I recorded some time ago (which you'll hear me refer to as a "pod") about what needs to happen for a spirit's smooth transition to the afterlife. You can watch it here.
Video USS Hornet Paranormal Activity
This is some video that I shot in the USS Hornet War Room during a group investigation. The table is heavy wood with open air underneath it (no magnets). The first half, with sound, was with a whole group watching. The last half, which is silent, was me alone in the room with the spirits. You can watch it here.
Video USS Hornet Table Tipping
This is some edited video of table tipping that I shot in the USS Hornet Admiral's aide's briefing room during Paracon 2013. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't able to handle the low lighting so it's too dark in the video to see the table moving when it got active, but you can hear our reactions. It was done with myself, medium Ellen Marron, and four others. You can watch it here.
Video Types of Spirits
This is a short talk I recorded about the different types of spirits that you can encounter. It considers them from the viewpoint of three spectrums: positivity, stuckness, and level of complexity. You can watch it here.
Video Moving Spirits On
This is a short talk on moving spirits to the afterlife, including some recent insights I've had on it. You can watch it here.