I write in multiple formats: mystery novels, screenplays, and nonfiction. Since I am currently focused on screenwriting, that information can be found in the main section, with the other topics in subdomains. My earlier parapsychology site with all it's FAQ pages, slideshows, video, and talks, is still fully available in the nonfiction portion of the site here.

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I have just done a major site overhaul, so please be patient as I work out the kinks -- I am my own webmaster. My complete nonfiction parapsychology website with all of its audio, video, FAQs, and slideshows is still available. It requires a vastly different template because it its complexity so the look may be a bit jarring compared to the other sections. I'm working on this.

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My focus as a screenwriter is on holiday films with an off beat sense of humor. I have a produced screenplay ("Don't Fall Asleep") and have taken:

  • Steve Kaplan's comedy workshop,
  • Robert McKee's story workshop,
  • Chris Soth's mentorship program and the mini-movie method,
  • ScreenwritingU ProSeries 45
  • ScreenwritingU Rewrite Course
  • ScreenwritingU Master Class 3 (still ongoing)

The following scripts are currently available:

Holiday Spirit: The night before their divorce is final, married ghost hunters are trapped with a Christmas spirit determined to get them back together even if it has to kill them to do it.

Reliant: The patriotic ghosts of the Reliant are called back to duty one last time when their ship is hijacked by a renegade crew bent on mass destruction.

The North Pole Trials: Mr. Claus has always defended his Santa title with ease until the competition rigs the North Pole Trials. With the Pole and its elves lost, Mr. and Mrs. Claus must find a way to save the world from the end of Christmas and beginning of everlasting winter.